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#13: The Cost of War Project by Brown University: Interview with its founder, Catherine Lutz

Episode Summary

The Cost of War Project of Brown University has redefined the costs of post-9/11 wars. By bringing hidden costs into the open the Project has made a global impact. The true costs of war go far beyond the financial costs to include the human, political, social and environmental costs of war. Those working for the Project see themselves aligned with a broader peace movement. Exclusive iGlobe News Interview with the founder of the Cost of War Project, Professor Catherine Lutz. Brown University’s unique Cost of War Project was initiated in 2010 by Professor of Anthropology and International Studies at Brown University, Catherine Lutz, and Chair of Political Science at Boston University, Neta Crawford, and has redefined how society measures the costs of war. The impact of this Project has been global — raising the awareness of political leaders, academics, journalists and civil society when accounting for the costs of wars.

Episode Notes

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