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Audio Aricle #34: Tu Felix Austria Nube

Episode Summary

Vienna’s Natural History Museum (NHM) celebrates 200 years of Austrian-Brazilian relations with an exceptional exhibition. It all started with a dynastic marriage in 1817, when Archduchess Maria Leopoldina of Austria married Dom Pedro, Duke of Braganza – the man who would become the first Emperor of Brazil. Austrian scientists and adventurers were among the first to document Brazil’s exceptional biodiversity and wildlife. The exhibit examines the transatlantic slave trade, Portuguese colonial rule and the disastrous effects on Brazil’s indigenous populations. The latest WWF 2022 Living Planet Report highlights the precarious situation especially in Latin America, which has seen a 94% decrease in wildlife compared to 1970. The NHM exhibition raises awareness and educates. History can teach many lessons – if there is a willingness to learn.

Episode Notes

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